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Upper Respiratory Illness in K9s - How to care for your dogs

Updated: Jan 8

Keep your dogs health this holiday season and prevent upper respiratory illness in K9s

There has been a lot of conversation regarding an upper respiratory illness effecting dogs. What should be done during the holiday time to help prevent exposure and to still follow through with your holiday plans for your dog’s care.

1.Keeping up on your dog’s vaccinations, that your veterinarian recommends.

This winter, keep your dogs' vaccines and other shots up to date!

We recommend at a minimum Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP. The flu vaccine is a two- shot series and is a good one during this time, but you need to plan ahead. If any other vaccines need updated, it is bet to update them ten days prior to boarding.

2.Boost your pet’s immune system with Vitamin C/Zinc

3. AVOID Dog Parks: There is zero control of other vaccine schedule. A lot of nose-to- nose play, shared water and toys.

Dog playgroups vaccine protocol need to be discussed and shared.

IF you have a dog playgroup, have an agreed upon vaccine protocol.

Home daycare companies that pop in and out to care for your pet at home should have a cleaning protocol for their clothing and shoes. Just because the dog is staying home does not mean that they can’t be exposed. A person going from house to house can carry any virus on their hands, clothing or shoes.

If your dog has a compromised immune system, then boarding or any exposure should be limited or no exposure. Your veterinarian is always a good source for pet care recommendations.


Keep your pet healthy this winter. Keep their vaccines and other shots up to date

  • Require all vaccines from a veterinarian.

  • Vaccines ten days prior to boarding

  • Cleaning 3 times daily, which includes disinfecting (bleach), and we add a laundry disinfectant.

  • All dog dishes are washed and bleached after each use.

  • No sharing of water bowls or toys during the individual playtimes (group playtimes increase exposure). Playtimes if requested are within the same household and is never any other dogs outside of the household.

  • All toys that are used are removed and washed after each playtime. We have plenty of toys to rotate them and make sure no one is sharing a toy.

  • Stress and too much activity can drop the immune system. We try and keep everyone calm and plenty of rest during their stay by having “quiet time. Quiet time is lights turned down and we try and limit any activity in the inside area where they are resting. There will always be more activity here than at home, so when they go home, they may take more naps after they settle back in.

Tammie Wilcox is one of the owners of Win-Star Bed & Biscuit. She and her husband have owned and worked Win-Star Bed and Biscuit facility for the past 22 years. They have also spent their lives caring, showing, and breeding dogs in the Northwest. Contact us for any dog training and other pet boarding needs:

Win-Star Bed and Biscuit Pet Boarding and Training / 3602 112th Street East

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