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Meet The Founders Of The Win-Star Bed & Biscuit

Tammie and John, Win-Star Bed & Biscuit's  owners, grew up working with animals at John's parents boarding facilities and Tammie spent her younger years alongside her mother training dogs and caring for other boarding facilities.  Both sides of their families spent years training dogs for the family pet, AKC Obedience competition, tracking, hunting dogs and protection work. It was a very natural decision for the two of them to change their careers from just handling, working in the technical and car industry.  Tammie and John are still active as professional handlers in AKC events and breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Papillons. 

Win-Star Bed & Biscuit has a reputation of giving great care to the family pets staying with them. The staff, John and Tammie understand how each pet may need different care and interaction for their comfort and safety.  The facility is open for tours anytime during our office hours.  There is no appointment necessary for a tour and they encourage pet owners to tour any facility that they are considering.

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