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Animal Kingdom

Pet Boarding

Your pet's home away from home!

Our facilities are more than ready to welcome your dogs and cats! We have created a place where your pets can feel comfortable and secure but that also gives them enough space to play and have fun. Win-Star Bed & Biscuit offers:

Black Dog
  • Indoor climate-controlled environment (heated and air conditioned)

  • Large indoor/outdoor runs for each pet or same family pets together (large dog area 3 X 24 with 4 runs 4 X 24)

  • Outdoor runs are protected from inclement weather.

  • Clean and sanitized facilities. Cleaning of their inside resting area and outdoor runs three times daily.  We pride ourselves in our cleanliness. 

  • Huge Park like area for walks with staff.

  • Park  like area - On leash only playtimes.


  • Relief areas for small pets: Separate small dog area allows for the little ones to have a more comfortable setting away from the larger dogs.

  • We have two K-9 Grass areas for "off leash playtimes." 

  • The area is securely fenced.

  • Assistance for disabled and elderly pets and TLC for homesick pets.

  • Cat-only area with clean bedding, litter and the food you provide.  Our feline guests have a two-level area to feel comfortable located in our kitchen. 

  • Bring your own food for a consistent diet for your pet.


  • Accommodations for special diets and medications. Refrigeration is available for raw diets, medication and special treats.

To ensure the safety and health of all our guests, we require current proof of vaccinations from your licensed Veterinarian


Have an unusual pet?
Let us know!

We’ll make the necessary arrangements to make it feel at home as well.

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