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Board Pricing

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Daily Rates
Effective July 1, 2022

Canine Guests

Feline Guests

Doggie Day Care
One on one time with staff in our park. 
Day care includes one playtime.  You can added additional playtimes for the price of $5.00 

Social Time
One on one with staff in our grass dog park 3.5 acres

Shared Social Time
Same household pack members only.  Two together with one staff person.

Medication and Insulin Shots Administration
$1.00 Per Dose

Owner Food
No Charge
We request pre-packaging each meal

Feeding our Food
$1.00 per feeding

Required Vaccinations Administered by  a Licensed Veterinarian: 
Dogs: DHPP-Rabies-Bordetella
Lepto and Canine Flu Vaccine should be discussed with your licensed Veterinarian
Cats: FVRCP-Rabies


*Pets can have more than one playtime per day. For more than two pets from one family call for reduced rate quote.

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